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Tracing Renaissance Readers on Annotated Books Online

Posted September 06, 2013

In May 2013 a new digital project was launched about the history of reading, Annotated Books Online (ABO).

ABO [] offers a digital library of annotated books from the early modern period. All books are fully accessible to the user. ABO is also an interactive resource that allows users to upload further copies of annotated books, as well as to transcribe and translate individual annotations in each book. This interactive tool is designed for teaching and research purposes…

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Internship programme for 2014 now open for applications

Posted September 03, 2013

The USTC hosts an active programme of internships. This is intended to provide scholars and students interested in developing an interest in bibliography with an opportunity to work with the project team in St Andrews. They will receive instruction in rare books cataloguing and have the chance for hands-on experience with the University Library’s uncatalogued 17th century collections.

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Call for Papers: A Changing Book Market? Spain and Portugal, 1601-1650

Posted August 21, 2013

The marketplace for print in Spain, Portugal and the New World witnessed many pro- found transformations in the first half of the seventeenth century. Overall, there was a dramatic increase in the output of the presses, while patterns of production shifted significantly from what had been set in the preceding century.

The period witnessed the growth of an increasingly vibrant news culture. Appetites for recreational reading also began to change, seen not least in the number of printed plays available for purchase. Though attracting far less scholarly attention, perhaps the most noteworthy development of all was the maturing use of the press to service…

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