USTC PhD scholarship available

| POSTED BY Graeme Kemp |

The USTC group is offering a PhD scholarship for a suitably qualified candidate who wishes to conduct advanced work on the dissemination of books printed in Britain and Ireland on the European book market.

In the first age of print, the British Isles played a largely peripheral role in the European book world.  The volume of works published in England was small, and in Scotland, Wales and Ireland smaller still.  British readers sourced most serious works of scholarship from Continental markets.  In the seventeenth century this began to change.  London, in particular, began to play a more significant role in the international Latin trade.  This dissertation will make use of book trade catalogue data, along with archival sources, to determine which British authors and works published in Britain found the greatest international resonance.

The scholarship will take the form of a fee waiver at the level of home fees, for three years, subject to satisfactory progress.  In addition, a grant towards living costs of £4,000 a year will be available in return for a contribution to the collective data gathering efforts of the USTC team.  This scholarship may be held with other awards, up to the level of a full AHRC scholarship. 

At the time of taking up the award, candidates should have completed a first degree in an appropriate discipline, along with a master’s training degree.  In an exceptional case, the scholarship may be awarded to complete the M.Litt. in book history at St Andrews, progressing towards this PhD scholarship.  The holder of the award will be expected to reside in St Andrews.

The closing date for the award will be 28 February 2018, by which time the student should have completed the process of admission as a postgraduate student at St Andrews.  Candidates should express their interest in being considered for the scholarship by email to Professor Andrew Pettegree (, to who informal enquiries can also be addressed.