I began my career working on aspects of the European Reformation. My first book was a study of religious refugee communities in the sixteenth century, and since then I have published on the Dutch Revolt, and on the Reformation in Germany, France and England, as well as a general survey history of the sixteenth century. In the last years the focus of my research has shifted towards an interest in the history of communication, and especially the history of the book... read more



Malcolm Walsby is co-director of the AHRC funded Universal Short Title Catalogue project. He was appointed postdoctoral fellow at the University of St Andrews in 2002 before being offered a lectureship in 2007. He was elected to his current position at the Université de Rennes 2 in 2012. Malcolm was educated at the University of Kent at Canterbury. His doctoral research explored "Land, Lineage and Patronage in Late Medieval and Renaissance France... read more



I am currently project manager of the Universal Short Title Catalogue project. Previous to this position, I worked as a research assistant on a Leverhulme sponsored project to catalogue early mathematical editions printed in Europe before 1600 and as a research assistant on a Wellcome Trust sponsored project to catalogue medical books in Northern Europe. In addition, I have provided consulting on a catalogue of British geological editions printed before... read more

Matthew McLean

Co-ordinator, M. Litt. Book History

My research and publications focus on aspects of the intellectual and cultural history of northern Europe in the sixteenth century; on the Northern Renaissance, the Continental Reformation and Early Modern Science. My first monograph studied Sebastian Münster’s Cosmography, and his work describing and depicting the whole world across the entire sweep of its history. I am working on a jointly-authored book on the biblical scholarship and centres of Reformed... read more



Shanti graduated in Italian Studies at the University of Udine in 2010 and has an M.Litt in the "History of the Book" from the University of St Andrews (2011). Her doctoral research investigates the presence of Italian printed books in sixteenth-century France and their importance in shaping one of the most fruitful yet complex cultural exchanges in early... read more

Nina Lamal


My research interests include the history of communication and of the book. I have developed a particular interest for the emergence of news cultures during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. In early modern Europe, the developments of the revolt in the Netherlands were followed with great interest. This was... read more


Alexandra Hill


Thesis Title: An analysis of the Stationers’ Register and printing in London 1557-1640

My research interests cover the history of the book, particularly within early modern Europe and I also have an interest in early modern England as a whole, especially its legal, medical and socio-cultural history. My thesis will focus on what the entries in the Stationers’ Register reveal about printing in London wider Tudor and Stuart world, as well as understanding... read more

Jan Hillgaertner


Thesis Title: Printed newspaper in seventeenth century England, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Impact of new media functionality on the reader

I am working in the field of newspaper history. I have conducted research within libraries in order to build up a complete and up-to-date bibliography for all printed newspapers between 1605 and 1620. I used this data for my master’s thesis that dealt with the production and the consumption of newspapers... read more

Saskia Limbach


Thesis Title: Government Use of Print in the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th Century

My research interest lies in the history of the book, with a focus on books produced in the early modern period. I also have an interest in intellectual and medical history in Europe. This thesis will focus on the economic importance of single-sheet items (broadsheets) for the German publishing industry in the 16th century. The production and the distribution of such... read more



Thesis Title: Latin books published in Paris, 1501-1540

Sophie was awarded a first class degree in English Literature from UEA (with a semester at the University of Lausanne) before being accepted to Jesus College, Cambridge where she obtained an MPhil in Renaissance Literature. An increasing interest in the bibliographical aspects of the book and its historical background led to an AHRC-funded doctoral scholarship with the USTC project... read more

Amelie Roper


Thesis Title: The Culture of Music Printing in Sixteenth-Century Augsburg: Performing, Learning and Trading

Since graduating from King’s College London with a BMus and MMus in music, I have pursued a career in librarianship specialising in music and rare books. I completed an initial traineeship at the London Library before studying for the MA in Librarianship and Information Studies at University College London. After qualifying, I held posts at the British Library... read more

Drew Thomas


Thesis Title: The industry of evangelism: Printing for the Reformation in Luther's Wittenberg

My research interests lie in the sixteenth-century Protestant reformations and the history of the book. I am also interested in the catholic reformation, the development of the Society of Jesus, and how political and economic forces worked in conjunction with theological beliefs during the reformation period. This thesis focuses on religious printing in Wittenberg at the time of Martin Luther's reformation... read more




I was educated at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Following the completion of my PhD, I stayed in St Andrews in the post of Project Manager of the British Academy and AHRC-funded French Vernacular Book Project. In 2006, I moved to Ireland, where I took up a Lectureship in the History of the Media at the School of History and Archives here in UCD. My research and teaching interests lie broadly in the social and cultural history of Europe... read more


Flavia Bruni graduated in History of the Reformation at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (2001) and has a PhD in History and computer science from the University of Bologna (2006). She also has a MPhil in Studies on Early printed books (Siena, 2006) and graduated in Librarianship at the Vatican School of Library Science (2009). She is currently undertaking a co-tutelle PhD between the universities of St Andrews and Siena on the history of the book... read more